Russian beautiful woman from Voronezh

I am child of nature. I can be calm and reasonable as the smooth surface of the mountain lake.

I can be bright and unbalanced as the play of lightning in the sky. I can be confident and strong as the panther on then hunting. I can be tender and soft as the fluff of the dandelion. I can be passionate and affectionate as the tango of fire at night. I am still a mystery even for myself. I have no my life schedule I listen to my heart, mind and instincts and will never betray my choice. My hobby is acting and observing. My hobby is to be myself. I enjoy feeling the piquant smell of life; I enjoy hearing its music which tingles in me.

I enjoy life I am fond of ancient architecture and refined design, of theaters and figure-skating, of old films, of violin and harp music, of the fashion show and the scaring films. I like to play snowballs and catch the butterflies. I like to sleep in the wheat and kiss under the plump moon. I like to read modern philosophy and to write essays. I am fond of being human and girl. I need him. I want him. I swear to be always and forever with and never apart.

He must court me, he must subdue my heart. He must be fascinating with a good sense of humor. He must not be perfect. I hate ideals! Inner strength, independence and confidence that what I need. I dont need the Prince with the blue blood and the army of jet set I need a Man with a strong smell of courage.