Russian woman from Veliky Novgorod

I am a very open and honest person. I love people. Having traveled a lot in my life I realized that there are no bad or good countries.

They have their own cultures and religion. So, I am very respectful to people and their beliefs. And I love getting to know everything new. It is so interesting and developing. I am very helpful. I am sometimes calm, and loving the coziness of the home. Sometimes I am eager to see the world, and it is then when I am active. I love to travel so much. I think traveling is very important in the life of everybody, because through traveling you get to know about yourself more and more. You get to know your real personality.

I love animals and I have a cat at home. Her name is Cleopatra. On the weekends and in the evening I like to read, go to theatres. I love family closeness and I visit my family very often, I love this feeling inside when you are around close and loved people. I love to go out to picnics. This is great. He knows what he wants. And he also gets what he wants. He has a very interesting style of life and he lives this life to the fullest. He likes and appreciates a family and the coziness of his home. He loves children. He likes animals. He likes to travel, to see new things of this world, he likes to experience, to get to know things.